May 17, 2005

Florianopolis, Brazil

June and I have just finished three days in Florianopolis as I did a keynote for a conference here, the VI Jornada Catariense de Tecnologia Educacional. I'm so glad she's finally gotten to come with me to Brazil. As always, the food and people have been unbelievably wonderful. We've gotten to spend some quality time with our old friend Jarbas.

We only got to see a fraction of the island, but it was enough to make us want to return to see more. If you'd like, you can see a slide show here.

Tonight we're in Sao Paulo. Another keynote tomorrow followed by an all-day workshop and the all-night flight home.


May 09, 2005

Selected Shorts

Too much going on, no time to write about it. Following the lead of Alex's last blog entry, I'm just going to jot down the headlines and leave the details to your imagination. Since I blogged last...

Visited Dan McDowell's class to see how he's doing his wiki-based Holocaust WebQuest. What a terrific teacher he is! I'm proud to count him among our Masters students. It's heartening to see someone like Dan in front of kids, even though the politics in his district is grinding him down lately.

June and I had to go to Los Angeles to get our Brazil visas. Took the Surfliner. Much better than driving. Had a wonderful lunch at The Stinking Rose, an all-garlic restaurant.

Installed Tiger. Love Dashboard. Haven't used Automator yet.

Working every spare minute on the new WebQuest tool. My student teachers are using it and they're creating great stuff with much less sweat than usual. Think I'm on to something here.

Spent a day just outside of Toronto doing a workshop. Great smart teachers there. I heart Canadians.

June's mom has been in and out of the hospital over the last month. Saturday we spent half the night in the emergency room.

I'm sooooooo tired. Just dragging myself from one thing to the next. Time to sleep.