January 02, 2006

New Year's in Denver

What a long hard semester it's been. Too much on my plate at work, plus getting QuestGarden off the ground, plus chairing a search committee that had 163 applicants to weed through. With a listless Christmas behind us, the family was ready to get out of here and smell different air.

Off we went to Denver, partly because one of my oldest friends lives there and partly because it's a city we don't know very well. We would have had a great time except for the fact that Alex got hit with strep throat right at the start of it. A half-day in the ER and lots of penicillin got us back on track, but that left a lot of museums unseen.

They end the year in Denver with fireworks shot from the tops of buildings on 16th Street. Very smartly, they do it twice: once at 9pm for families with kids and fifty-somethings too pooped to stay up late... and again at midnight for a second group more full of whimsy and booze. Naturally, we did the 9 o'clock show and went back to Tom's house for dessert.

Happy new year to all. May the news be brighter this year.

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At 8:11 AM, janice said...

Happy New Year, Bernie. Steve and I are trying to straighten out Texas since we moved here. We are encouraged by the progress with Tom DeLay :-) Now that our governer, Rick Perry, who is running for re-election has stood up for Intelligent Design it is more imperitive that he be replaced! (Kinky Friedman???)


At 2:57 PM, little meanie said...

Hi Bernie, I really enjoy my blog and I have made one young friend. Her name is Joey and she has CF. She is a very interesting young girl who lives with her rather large family in Canada, and she even has her own website. Norma and I bounce off one another here and again. I don't think you've heard the last of her. I'm still a bit dizzy with all of the technolgy, but thanks for the encouragement. The middle school I taught at last semester is looking into launching the same wireless program as Lemon Grove school district. I would love to be a part of that. Time will tell. I'm loving the classroom, as I told my cooperating teacher, James Mitchell, It's all about the joy. Oh and I found Kirosawa's Macbeth, it's called The Throne of Blood. The students should love that. It was good to hear from you, I know you are crazy busy. Bye for now Lisa

At 6:13 PM, Tamara said...

Hey Bernie--Glad to see a post. I look now and again and though maybe you moved your blog with no forwarding address. I have to say, thanks you introducing the blogosphere to me, my blog is a hit. 10,000+ visits. I've made one of my closest friends via the blog, have gotten together with groups of Jewish bloggers up here in LA, it's great. :) As far as geocaching, haven't been in forever.

I was trying to remember was it Bulgaria you went to? Or was it Belgium? I thought you were leaving a cache there? I'm headed to Netherlands and Belgium in March...if it's there, how fun it would be to search for it :)

Take care--If you ever do a class or presentation in LA, please do let me know.


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