March 31, 2006

Robotics Again in Las Vegas

We're here for the second year for the 2006 Las Vegas Regional of the FIRST Robotics Competition. This year's competition seems harder than last year and the action is more challenging to follow as a spectator. High Tech High's robot didn't perform all that well this morning, but there's the rest of today and all of tomorrow yet to come. There are about 20 parents and other relatives here and a busload of kids.

Alex is not as much involved in the engineering this year. Instead, as his senior project, he's creating a documentary video about all that took place to get the team here. He's eating through DV tapes at a rapacious pace, so there's lots of editing ahead.

Saw the Blue Man Group at the Venetian last night, and tonight around 20 of us are ooompah-pah-ing our way through dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. June stays here and I fly home to teach the podcasting course tomorrow.



At 3:58 PM, Tamara said...

Hey Bernie--Just saw High Tech High on Oprah. Showed one of the robots. Very cool. I should have tried to get a job there :)


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