March 26, 2006

Wotta Week

At last the entire site has been moved. It was supposed to take most of Sunday but wound up taking the whole week. Although it's all virtual work, I feel as though I'd spent the last six days moving tons of cinderblocks on my back from one pile to another. Along the way I learned some tricks to make it easier next time around. It's the head-scratching uncertainty in between the aha's that feels like work, I guess.

I've learned (thanks to Alex) how to ssh into my servers to move files and dump the databases. I can now chmod and chown like a 15-year old, and I've gotten a little smarter about the details of php. It turns out that a few of my scripts were depending on register_globals being turned on, and my new server (rightly) has it turned off. (Whatever that means, you may well be thinking.)

So the WebQuest search engine, and QuestGarden, and the WebQuest Forum are all working again on my new speedier (and 8 times more expensive) server.

Little quirks are showing up, but nothing fatal so far. Time to shift gears and turn back to grading, housecleaning and all that's piled up over the week. Have to compact it all into the next two days as we're off to Las Vegas Wednesday night to watch High Tech High send their robot into battle.



At 9:42 PM, Miguel said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bernie! Light shines so infrequently in my neck of the woods, that we fly right into it and roast.

Seriously, sounds like you're on a Linux machine with chmod and chown! I had to learn how to do that when setting up XAMPP on my linux laptop. Lots of fun. BTW, seen this?

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin


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