January 25, 2006

Bush's Education Gap

From The Boston Globe: "In the question-and-answer period, there was a moment when Bush was caught confused about his assets in another arena. Someone asked Bush, ''Recently, $12.7 billion was cut from education . . . How is that supposed to help our futures?'

There was applause from the crowd.

Bush stumbled. ''Education budget was cut? Say it again. What was cut?'

The person said, ''$12.7 billion was cut from education. And I was just wanting to know: How is that supposed to help our futures?'

Bush said, ''At the federal level?'

The person said, ''Yes.'

Bush said, ''I don't think we've actually -- for higher education?'

The person said, ''Student loans.'

Bush said, ''Student loans?'

The person said, ''Yes, student loans.'"

Now that Shrub is doing more of these unscripted Q&A's, we're going to see more moments like this. It would be entertaining if it weren't so sad.


January 02, 2006

New Year's in Denver

What a long hard semester it's been. Too much on my plate at work, plus getting QuestGarden off the ground, plus chairing a search committee that had 163 applicants to weed through. With a listless Christmas behind us, the family was ready to get out of here and smell different air.

Off we went to Denver, partly because one of my oldest friends lives there and partly because it's a city we don't know very well. We would have had a great time except for the fact that Alex got hit with strep throat right at the start of it. A half-day in the ER and lots of penicillin got us back on track, but that left a lot of museums unseen.

They end the year in Denver with fireworks shot from the tops of buildings on 16th Street. Very smartly, they do it twice: once at 9pm for families with kids and fifty-somethings too pooped to stay up late... and again at midnight for a second group more full of whimsy and booze. Naturally, we did the 9 o'clock show and went back to Tom's house for dessert.

Happy new year to all. May the news be brighter this year.

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