April 14, 2006

Halfway Back from the Dead

It's all catching up with me. I'd been feeling worn out before the trip to Las Vegas and the podcasting class, and a few days later I began to feel a sore throat. And then achy-breaky joints and a headache that wouldn't quit. Alex already had the symptoms and so the two of us spent all the rest of his spring break sleeping, coughing and groaning. Eight days later, I'm beginning to feel on the mend again. June, on the other hand, after healthily buzzing around in frustration at our immobility, is starting to feel sick today. There's some kind of conservation of misery principle at work here.

So for all these forlorn days, I've been dozing in front of the laptop, grazing through all of human knowledge and digesting none of it. Still, a few things stuck in my mind, or at least my bookmarks, that seem worth pointing out to anyone interested.

First, this piece by science fiction writer, futurist and all-around bright guy David Brin caught my attention. He does a nice job at looking ahead to a process in which true conservatives untie themselves from the ruling gang of thieves and idiots in Washington and begin again perhaps to be an engine for real reform.

School Performance Maps is a particularly useful Google Maps mashup. Click on San Diego and look at the pretty colors. I've never seen the North-of-8, South-of-8 divide more clearly delineated. Go a bit further north and you can also see Highway 56 as another boundary, this time between good and excellent.

And you've probably seen the It's a Secret thing by now. God I wish I knew Flash.

Google came out with its calendar today and it looks so dang good that I might finally switch from iCal. Less widely noted was the new Google Page Creator. I haven't been able to test it out but it might save a lot of us from having to teach teachers how to wrestle with Mozilla Composer.

And finally, am I the only one who thinks that this picture / headline combination to the right is funny? The actual story didn't warrant any word play. Or is it just my virus-damaged brain?