March 19, 2007

Hong Kong, Compressed

June & I are wrapping up a jam-packed 5 days in Hong Kong today. I was invited by Centre for the Advancement of Information Technology in Education., to keynote an award ceremony. Award for what? It was the first WebQuest competition that i'm aware of. it was a lot of fun watching the excitement of the teachers who won, especially the presentations made by the girls who described what the experience was like for them as students.

I did a couple of workshops as well and in between all that we shopped in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok and toured the fishing village of Tai O with the help of FL and his students. We're about to get on the plane for 21 hours at the start of a very long day. It's Tuesday morning here, and we'll fly first to Narita, then San Francisco, then San Diego in time to teach my 4pm and 7pm classes Tuesday afternoon. The International Dateline is giving us back the day we lost on the way over. I'm guessing I'll be a zombie.

We took close to a trillion pictures. We'll post them here soon

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At 7:50 PM, Jarbas said...

Boy! Pretty cool all that WQ's in Chinese. Grande abrašo, Jarbas.


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