March 30, 2007

Teaching about the Holocaust @ SDSU

We had over forty teachers here today for Teaching about the Holocaust, a daylong workshop sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

The morning was taken up with two presentations videoconfenced from the museum and the afternoon was all about making your own lessons about the Holocaust. Bonnie Sussman, a teacher and USHMM Fellow from Oakland, went over some design principles developed by the museum. Dan McDowell and I guided the participants through the process of using QuestGarden to create WebQuests on the topic. I used the new (still a little buggy) capability of QuestGarden to load up their accounts with nine existing WebQuests ready to be tweaked. Dan wrote Remembering the Victims of the Holocaust, a great lesson that incorporates Jumpcut, an online video editor. And I contributed Voices Rescued from the Holocaust, a lesson inspired by Tamara, a former student who blogged about having her students create found poems from survivor testimonies.

All in all a very good day.

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