June 04, 2007

I'm STILL the World's Most Eminent Bermuda Triangle Expert

Sheesh! What's with today's seventh graders? They manage to find this obscure page from 1996 and yet manage to miss this one which explains my actual relationship with the Devil's Triangle. This note arrived today:
Dear Mr. Dodge,

Hi! I'm a middle school student doing a documentary film for a school project on the Bermuda Triangle, and I need to interview an expert. I was wondering if I could have an 'email interview' with you. This is part of the project, and I would really appreciate it if you would answer a few questions about the Bermuda Triangle, and your opinion on some theories. It is with great difficulty that I have finally found an expert, someone who is really experienced on this topic. So, if you can reply back to this email with your answer, it would really mean a lot to me. And if you could reply quickly, before Wednesday or Thursday, (June 5 or 6), because there is a deadline.

Thank you,
M*** A***, 7th Grader
A much more articulate letter than I usually get on this topic (which happens once a month or so).

I'll try to let the kid down gently. But for all the rest of you seventh graders out there... don't write me, please. And you seventh grade teachers: can't you find a way to make interesting writing assignments without stooping to pseudoscience?


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