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Friday, July 11, 2003

Another New Crop

Last week marked the end of EDTEC 570, the course at SDSU that leads to a WebQuest as the final project. Normally it's a face to face class with 20 or so students, but this year a twist in the California Teaching Credential rules created a sudden demand for the class. We ended up with 130 students... 45 of them in two campus-based classes, and another 85 taking it online... all in 6 weeks.

It could have been a disaster. This was the first time we'd offered it online, and in a risky-but-interesting move I decided to eschew the SDSU sanctioned Blackboard tools and set up my own Moodle server to run the course. It was intense, and some of the online students were ill-suited to take a distance course, but we all survived. The class ended with a showcase and party, four worn-out instructors and two graduate assistants in line for canonization.

You can sample the accomplishments of this hurried experience at these four URLs:

Campus: Roberto's class | Wendy's class | Online: Wendy's class | Jim's class


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