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Friday, March 26, 2004

Tech-Savvy Schools Struggle to Keep Their Edge

Here's a just-unearthed story from the NovemberCalifornia Educator:

"While some argue that technology has replaced critical thinking, students in Connie Martin's eighth-grade English class combine both of them with aplomb. Divided into groups for a 'Webquest,' students use laptop computers to research the ethics of animal research in preparation for assuming the roles of research scientist, animal rights activist and medical doctor. Along with a written report, they will deliver oral reports in front of the class, which will be recorded by fellow students.

Sitting around a table, the students condense their information to fit on index cards and practice their verbal presentations.

'I don't really think animal research is a good idea,' says Sam Yale. 'You can do experiments on animals that are already dead. Maybe things should be tested on people, because we are animals, too.'

'I think animal research should continue so we can find cures for diseases,' says Christian Acuna.

Magnet teacher Martin says the kids love it. 'Computers bring the real world into the classroom. The challenge is to use the information they get from computers productively.'"