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Monday, December 20, 2004

Research on Teacher Perceptions of WebQuests

The educational research realm needs you!

Dr. Robert Zheng of Temple University is conducting a study of how teachers think about WebQuests. This is potentially very useful to all of us, so if you're a classroom teacher with a little time on your hands, please go to the study site and participate in the survey. We'll be hearing about the results here later.

[Update: No more input is needed. Dr. Zheng now has over 220 responses and is now analyzing the data. He'll report on the results here when it's ready. Thanks to all who participated!]

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

eMINTS in the News

From the Columbia (MO) Tribune: School tool wins fans

"Research suggests the eMINTS program can boost Missouri Assessment Program, or MAP, test scores and help minority students achieve at the same level as their white classmates.

Because of such research findings, school districts are investing in the technology and teacher training that eMINTS requires. A group of Utah legislators heard about it and sought federal grants to establish the program in 50 classrooms in Salt Lake City, Ogden and two smaller communities.

When something works, people notice, said Monica Beglau, director of the eMINTS National Center.

'We started with six districts in 1997,' she said. 'There are 218 districts in 2004.'"

eMINTS is a comprehensive model based on a technology-rich classroom. More important than the technology, though, is the well designed system of training and ongoing support. WebQuests are an integral part of the curriculum.