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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Three-Week Birthday

It's just 21 days ago that I flipped the switch and opened up QuestGarden to the public, so here's a status report for anyone interested. The picture of recent logins tells the tale. In the last 48 hours we've had 213 members log in. There are 2,443 users and they come from 59 different countries. Here are the top 10:

China (including Hong Kong)23
New Zealand16

We've also had people logging in from more exotic locales like Albania, Bermuda, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Oman, the UAE and Uruguay.

Most users so far are just jumping in to see what's what and making a few test pages in their WebQuest, but there are also some completed WebQuests already that are ready for the public. Some examples:

Florida Jigsaw

Reading the World with Information Trade Books
Nickled and Dimed in San Diego
Langston Hughes Monument
Mission: UN Address, 2211
Zoo Keeper for a Day
The Nutrition Resort

All in all I'd have to say, we're off to a good start. Once we have some more scaffolding and peer review in place, the quality should go even higher.


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