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News and views about the WebQuest model, a constructivist lesson format used widely around the world.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

QuestGarden Lives!

Log in and give it a whack! No doubt there will be new little quirks that turn up in the new environment, but it seems to be basically back in business... only faster.

Again, I sincerely apologize for the disruptions the move caused. The complications (as usual) were completely unanticipated and I had to learn a lot of new Linux and php lore in order to get us back on the air. The new server has a lot more room to grow and I don't foresee any more long blackouts.

Now I can focus on adding some more features. (And getting some sleep!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Server Move Update

My sincere apologies to all those anxiously awaiting the return of QuestGarden. It's almost ready to roll except for two things: the ability to edit the appearance still isn't working and pictures aren't uploading properly. Both of these things are due to the fact that some php settings on the new server are different than on the old site, and I'm still working to fix the scripts that broke. If I can get the picture thing working first, I'll open up QuestGarden again while continuing to work on the appearance editor.

Please be mindful of the fact that the entire WebQuest World Headquarters staff consists of me, and that I have other obligations, besides this one. I think you'll all be pleased by the enhanced speed and reliablity of the site once we finish the move.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Server Move Delayed

An unforeseen complication is delaying the completion of our move to a new server. It will certainly not be up tonight. Monday would be good but Tuesday seems more likely. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: We're almost there. Some permissions problems on files need to be fixed. Hoping for a Thursday night re-opening.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WebQuest.org is Moving

No... no need to change your bookmarks. The URL for the WebQuest Portal and QuestGarden will remain the same but the actual server they sit on is moving to a powerful new home. We've outgrown the shared server we've been on since 2002. The symptoms of that are that twice in the last two weeks, our web host has shut off access to the site because too many requests to the database were flooding in at the same time, disrupting things for the other sites on the same server. (Strangely enough, both times that this happened, a class of kids at a parochial school in Minnesota was online).

In any case, with over 18000 registered users, it's time to move on up to bigger iron. Moving all that code and user data is going to be tricky and there will need to be a period of time when the site is unavailable. I anticipate that this will happen sometime around St. Patrick's Day and I'll try to minimize the impact by doing it after midnight, Pacific Time.

Update: The official shutdown time is 12:30 am, Sunday, March 19. With any luck, the site will be back up that evening... but who knows?

When we come out on the other side, I hope that we'll have faster performance and more room to grow. Thanks to all of you for the amazing support you've been giving the WebQuest idea.