Archaeotype WebQuest Results

It's 4:00 PM, February 28, 1996, and only half of the 27 student teachers have arrived. Most have been teaching all day at O'Farrell, and they often spend the time immediately after school handling discipline problems or meeting with parents. The last thing they need after a day like theirs is a lecture.

By 4:10 they're almost all here and ready to get to work.

The exercise began with a short videotape from the Imagine series broadcast on The Learning Channel and produced by Apple Computer. The tape included interviews with some of Archaeotype's architects as well as scenes of the program in use at the Dalton School.
In short order, five groups were formed to attack the questions, and one person from each group went to the speakerphone to interview Wolfgang Heidmann in New York.
To make the conversation more personal, we were also linked to Wolfgang's office with CUSeeMe so that both parties could see each other.
Meanwhile, across the hall in NE-273, the Education First CLI unit was fired up. Using three ISDN lines, we had a high quality view of Bob Birdsell seated in the library at Juarez-Lincoln in Chula Vista.
Those who weren't conferencing with Bob or Wolfgang were reading Web pages or paper pages, trying to make sense of two different implementations of Archaeotype and the philosophy that underlies its design.
By 5:50, it was time to reconvene the groups to teach each other what they had learned. With one person per group acting as typist, the groups worked together to answer the questions they were given.

Class was over at 6:40 PM, and one by one the groups finished their reports. There wasn't time to polish their writing or to convey everything they had learned, but they managed to get a lot done in the time they had. Next time the class meets, they'll critique each other's reports and resolve any misconceptions and uncertainties they have on the topic.

Here are their reports:

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