Change Models


Students look at how change occurs in society. Models are analyzed and are adapted as students create action plans for issues they feel strongly about.

Instructional Purpose

To identify and analyze how change occurs in society. To teach a select number of models for change that students could evaluate. To help students synthesize these models of change to develop their own action plans in an issue in which they feel strongly.




Can be applied to the study of revolutions in thought and history. This can also be used as a springboard activity before analyzing literary works that have made social change possible.


Because student research will involve going to the web for current information, some of this content could be blocked by school filtering systems. A reasonable amount of appropriate print material should be included in the resources for students.


If not enough time is available for completing the action plan activity, students could develop a rating system for the models of change they evaluate and make predictions on the success of one model over another in a particular issue

This Design Pattern was authored by Barbara Vallejo-Doten