Controlling Line Length in Home Page

1. If you're modifying an existing page, start by putting your cursor at the top of the document

2. From the Insert menu, choose Insert Table

3. Set the parameters of the table to include just 1 row and 2 columns.

Set the width of the table to 550 pixels.

Set the border around and within the table to 0.

4. By default, the two cells are equal in width.

Click inside the left column of your new table. Click on the Cells tab and set the width of the left column to 50 pixels.

5. Now you're ready to put your entire document into the table.

Drag from just below the table down to the bottom of the document. That is, select everything on the page except the table.

Press Command-X to cut the contents into memory.

6. Click your cursor into the right column of the table.

Press Command-V to paste the contents from memory into the right column.

You now have controlled the line length and created an empty left margin.

This page was designed by Bernie Dodge for the Triton and Patterns Projects of San Diego Unified School District. Last updated July 5, 1999.

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