Patterns for WebQuest Design

A 3-hour Workshop presented at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, Sept 11, 2004

Bernie Dodge, Ph.D.Educational Technology DepartmentSan Diego State University


How did the WebQuest model begin? What's important about it? Overview of the SDSU WebQuest site and the Portal. What is and isn't a WebQuest?


What Makes a Good WebQuest?
Imagine that someone has asked you to explain what a WebQuest is and has given you just a short time to demonstrate a single example. You need to pick out just one to discuss... one that has the best qualities of the WebQuest idea. Look at the following examples and together let's pick the best one:

9:40 Evaluating WebQuests
A look at the complete WebQuest Evaluation rubric and the short version.
9:50 Introduction to design patterns
Discussion of design patterns drawn from architecture and from software design. A first look at WebQuest Design Patterns.
9:55 WebQuest Design
Overview of the entire WebQuest design process.
10:00 Practice 1
Try out the design patterns idea for yourself. If you were going to make a WebQuest about ancient Egypt, which patterns might you use?

Look at the full list of WebQuest Design Patterns and try Alternative History, Compilation, Exhibit, In the Style of, Parallel Diary, Recommendation, Simulated Diary, Time Capsule, Travel Account.

10:15 Practice 2
If you were going to make a WebQuest about the solar system, which patterns might you use?
10:25 Break
10:40 Choosing a Viable Topic or Goal
Let's apply the process to a WebQuest idea of your own. Look at Step 1 in the WebQuest design process. The four criteria that must be met: using the web well; tied to curriculum; replaces a lesson you aren't happy with; engages higher level thinking. Jot down a few sentences about your topic.
10:55 Choosing an Appropriate Design Pattern
Let's go back to the Design Patterns list and try to come up with a design for your WebQuest. Jot down a few sentences about your design.
11:15 Do You Need to Create Your Own from Scratch?
You can find existing WebQuests and adapt them to your own needs. There's a search page and some help in adapting them. See if you can find something that meets your needs.
11:35 The Future of WebQuests
What's next? What will WebQuests look like in 2010? Will it be game-like? Will it incorporate new formats like blogs and wikis?
11:45 Q&A
You've got questions? We've got answers and more questions.