Lewis, Clark & WebQuests

July 28 - August 1, 2003

Bernie Dodge, Ph.D.Educational Technology DepartmentSan Diego State University



Overview of the WebQuest model
Tradition vs the ITOO model
Explore the new WebQuest Portal

A Taxonomy of Task Types
Overview of the design process
Introduction to WebQuest Design Patterns
Drafting your Task




Visits to Fort Mandan,

Knife River Indian Villages

Smith Grove



Refining your Task
Putting North Dakota and National in the Teacher template.
Drafting the Evaluation section with rubrics.
Becoming a better searcher: Four Nets and Specialized Search Engines
Take advantage of the Minot L&C Links

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Keep track of your finds with BackFlip
Upload your draft to the project site
Tapped In Session about US



Scaffolding: Reception, Transformation, & Production.
Scaffold where needed with Process Guides

Blogging in Education
Check your work
Continue fleshing out the Process section

A framed template. [Download]



Sources of Graphics for your WebQuest
Lewis & Clark images

Finish up the Introduction, Conclusion and Teacher page

Scoring your WebQuest