DodgePodge 8.0 - Fall 2012

Bernie Dodge  •  Educational Technology  •  San Diego State University

This session is about tools for productivity, creativity, learning and inquiry that you can pick up and use in no time. We try to find sits that are solid but not yet widely known. Fifteen sites and apps in 45 minutes: just enough to get your creative juices going. Fasten your seat belt!

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instagrokWords and Ideas

InstaGrok - Learn about any topic by exploring connections on an interactive concept map (free+) - Flexible mind maps. Like Prezi without the nausea. (free)

Word Hippo - Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhymonyms

Surveying the World

wgl cameraWGL Camera - Look around the Eiffel Tower and 1200 other places (iOS - $0.99)

Theodolite - Measure latitude, longitude, azimuth, compass bearing (iOS - $3.99) [movie1] [movie2]

GeoCam - Similar to Theodolite for Android (free)

Old Maps Online - Historic Maps from Multiple Collections

USGS Historical Topological Maps

Organizing Actions and Resources

symbalooPriorities - Task Management for Normal People (Web & iOS)

Symbaloo - A replacement for iGoogle

IFTTT - If This Then That - Build connections between tools you already use.

Share My Lesson - 250,000 Resources for Teachers by Teachers

classbadgesHard to Classify, Easy to Use

ClassBadges - Gamify your Classes (free) See Session 6, Mark 103

Many Bills - A Visual Congressional Bill Explorer

ScreenLeap - Share your screen instantly with anyone (free+)

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