WebQuests and GeoTools

GeoTool Web Sites

The Degree Confluence Project


Flickr Maps

Heavens-Above - Find out what satellites are passing over your head


A typical geocache

Travel Bugs are small items that are placed in a geocache and then tracked as cachers move them from one cache to another. Here is Bernie's travel bug, Jar Jar Bernie.

Google Maps


Google Earth

Plane Tracking on Google Earth

Gerald Roos tours the Dodges around Capetown. Can you tell where we went?



Google Earth WebQuest - Not really a full-blown WebQuest, but it points the direction to one. Analyze the distribution of restaurants around famous landmarks.

World Wonders - An example of a virtual tour that might be created by students as the Task within a WebQuest. Written by John Demmers.

Earthquest Vulcanoes - Another quest by John Demmers. See if you can imagine ways to raise the level of thinking required.

Iran and Nuclear Power: Enriching the Middle East - A very substantial WebQuest that makes use of Google Earth to provide learners with a rich set of data to analyze. You can explore the location of nuclear silos, the Chernobyl reactor site, and much more by opening this KMZ file in Google Earth.

DesertQuest - Create a virtual tour of dry spots.