Beyond the Book


Deepen ones understanding of a work of literature by extending it beyond what was originally written or by mapping it onto an entirely different domain.

Instructional Purpose

Develop creativity. Extend understanding of the characters, plot, setting and meaning of a work of literature.




This design can probably be applied to any work of fiction.


Great literature stands on its own and speaks to us today because it taps into universal aspects of our humanity. Some might believe that rewriting an 18th century tale into the present day diminishes it. Others might say that letting learners grapple with it in this way brings out its universality. Be careful to guide your learners towards the deeper importance of the work rather than merely substituting swords with bazookas.


The methods of doing this may include describing what happens to the characters after the book's ending; writing a chapter that parallels the book but tells the story from a different point of view; creating an alternative ending; reframing the story by moving it to a different setting.

This Design Pattern was authored by Bernie Dodge