In the Style of...


Sharpen your understanding of a particular artist or artistic style by creating a new work in a similar way.

Instructional Purpose

Develop an understanding of the concept of artistic style in general. Apply this understanding to a specific style.




Can be applied to styles in painting, narrative literature, poetry, drama, music or architecture. Probably best used with older learners and with styles that have a fairly clear definition and boundaries (e.g., baroque music, Walt Whitman's poetry, Hemingway's prose).


Products need to be within the ability of learners to at least approximate within the time allocated. Don't ask second graders to do this with the Dutch Masters.


You may go for depth by having the entire class study a single style, or for depth by tackling 2 to 5 styles at once. Doing more styles than that raises the possibility of superficial coverage (and significantly increases the number of examples you'll need to find).

This Design Pattern was authored by Bernie Dodge