Fine Point #12: Put text and graphics next to each other in Home Page

If you have been working down the list of Fine Points, you will have noticed that we are trying to make your pages more readable and efficient. Another way to conserve space on your page is to put your graphics next to your text in a table.

This technique can be particularly helpful with the use of photographs and other medium sized images. Instead of describing the image or continuing with your text below the image, you can simply run the text on either side. This compacts the page in stylish and uncluttered fashion.



This image of Crater Lake in Oregon is sitting directly above the text. Notice all of the wasted space on either side of the image?



This method allows you to utilize that space that would otherwise be wasted. It would be a good idea to adjust the padding to keep you text off the edge of the table (see Fine Point #11). We're using a cell padding of 5 here, and we're only showing the borders of the table to illustrate the technique. Ordinarily you'd set the border to 0, thus making the table invisible.

Here's how to do it with Home Page | Netscape Composer

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