Fine Point #13: Removing Borders on Images in Home Page

When using an image as a link or button, you need to remove the border. Otherwise, you will have a blue box around the linked graphic. While this may not seem like much, it is one of the many characteristics that separates a good page from a great page.

Unless you change it, the default border for a linked image will be the color of your links. After you visit the link, it will turn the color of your visited links. This situation is easily remedied by changing the border to zero.


The image border set to 0

The default image border

A note about using graphics as buttons. Make sure the icon being used as a link is recognizable as a link. Mail boxes imply e-mail, an arrow implies next or back, but a duck doesn't imply of anything (on most pages at least). Please only use images as links if they speak for themselves and do not have to be pointed out as such.

Here's how to do it with Home Page | Netscape Composer

This page was designed by Dan McDowell for the Triton and Patterns Projects of San Diego Unified School District. Last updated July 5, 1999.

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