Fine Point #4: Using Fonts Consistently

If you decide to change the font of your document you must stick with it. Now this may sound like a no brainer, but in fact, Home Page sometimes will slip right out of your changed font and back into Time or whatever the default font is.

Some things that could cause the font to change back include

  • hitting return,
  • changing from a number/bulleted list back to normal text, or
  • clicking below the paragraph you are working on.

The fix is quite simple.

  1. Examine your text closely.
  2. Change the font again if it slips out of your designated font.
  3. When finished with your document, Select All and change everything on the page at once.


Fine Point #3 discusses and gives directions on how to select and change the font.

This page was designed by Dan McDowell for the Triton and Patterns Projects of San Diego Unified School District. Last updated July 5, 1999.

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