Process Checklist

The Process section is where you explain to the learners exactly what they are supposed to do when. It is also where you direct them to specific resources to examine at each point in the project and where you provide links to help files, graphic organizers, templates, and other forms of scaffolding.

This page is to help you look at the Process section and focus on the small details that can make or break a project. You can use it to look at your own project or you can ask someone else to provide you with a peer review. Any line that doesn't have Yes checked suggests an aspect of your Process that should be looked at closely.

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Roles are well defined. It's clear who does what when.

Roles are integral to getting the job done, not just tacked on.

Logistics are clear (e.g., it's clear how groups get formed)

Enough resources are identified (Web or other) to convince one that the learners would have enough information to go on.

Enough guidance is provided for activities in which learners interact with each other (e.g. brainstorming) or with data (e.g. analyzing a photograph, interviewing an expert)

There is enough specific guidance on how to produce/perform the task (e.g. suggested outlines, examples,formats)

The Process matches the Task description.

Consistent voice is used (addresses students as "you", not "the students".)

Vocabulary is matched to the reading level of the audience.

Bulleted and numbered lists are used to break up long paragraphs.

Links are placed so as not to distract readers and cause them to click off to other sites prematurely.

Long role-specific information is put onto separate pages.

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