Teacher Guide #2: Using Photographs

The following is a short list of strategies for using photographs in the classroom. This list is by no means complete, so don't be limited by these ideas. Use the Looking at Photographs Guide to help your students evaluate the content of the images.

  1. QuickWrite Topics
    • Describe everything you see in the photograph.
    • What is/are the person/people thinking in the photograph?
    • What questions does the photo answer? pose?
    • List anything that comes to mind when looking at the photo?
    • Write about what led up to this moment or what happened directly after it.

  2. Creative Activities
    • Write a short story about what is happening in the photo.
    • Write a poem.
    • Write a play and act it out with your classmates.
    • Have Socratic Seminar.

This page was designed by Dan McDowell for the Triton and Patterns Projects of San Diego Unified School District.
Last updated July 7, 1999.

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