Production Scaffolds

Production scaffolds are helps provided to assist learners in actually producing something observable that conveys what they've learned. They are useful when the form of what is to be produced follows the conventions of some genre, publication or presentation format.



Use when your students...

Presentation Templates & Outlines

In Economics, students are given the outline for the presentation of their business plan.

need help in organizing their thoughts in a particular presentation format... anything from informative to instructional to persuasive.

Prompted Writing Templates

In Underground Railway, students are given guidance on how to write up a justification for the route they propose to take.

need help in organizing their thoughts in a particular written format... anything from research papers to letters to diaries to obituaries.

Play Structure

In Pinoy Pride, students are given an Inspiration template showing the structure of a typical play. They use the Notes feature to draft the outline of their play.

are taking information from a number of sources and transforming it into a play.

Play Mechanics

In Radio Days, students are provided with a sample script which explains how to write a play in standard form.

are unfamiliar with the conventions of scriptwriting.

Multimedia Templates

In What Would Dewey Do?, students are given a template with images in place and asked to recreate a dialog among 5 educational theorists.

are going to focus on the content of the multimedia rather than on the time-consuming production and aesthetics of it.

Multimedia Storyboards Here's an example for a particular WebQuest are planning a production that requires more than a few screens