Reception Scaffolds

Reception scaffolds are helps provided to assist learners in garnering information from the sources we put before them.They are designed to direct the learner's attention to what is important, and to help them organize and record what they perceive.



Use when your students...

Observation and listening guides

general guides for looking at photographs can be rewritten more specifically for a particular target.

are likely to miss details, focus on the wrong things, or not be able to retain their perceptions because they lack the vocabulary to describe things.

Interviewing guides

if students were interviewing an Egyptologist, a general guide on interviewing an expert would help, as would a more specific guide related to their specific task. In the Holiday Celebrations WebQuest, students are given a specific interview protocol to follow.

are interviewing another person to gather specific information.


provide a separate web page to accompany the reading of text with advanced or specialized vocabulary. For each word, write a definition or link it to Information Please or (here's an example of a link to a specific word). The Native American Tribes WebQuest provides a simple glossary for 4 terms.

are reading or hearing words are are likely to be beyond their comprehension.


in the Night WebQuest, learners create a timeline to help them understand the sequence of events in the novel.

are trying to make sense of an account that includes a number of events whose order is important.

Notetaking guides

in MetricQuest, students are provided with a concept map to help them organize their research. Join the NAACP uses a research worksheet.

need help in keeping track of what they're looking for and how various aspects of the content relate to each other.

Features Chart

In Fables! Fables! Fables!, a features chart with aspects of different stories helps learners to record and understand what makes a fable a fable.

when there are a lot of things with simularities and differences to keep track of, and you need to record what you've seen.

Organization charts

In a WebQuest about the World Trade Organization, students would benefit from an org chart showing the various subcommittees and related bodies.

are trying to make sense of an organization's structure