Transformation Scaffolds

Transformation scaffolds are helps provided to assist learners in transforming the information they've received into some other form. They involve imposing structure on information, while reception scaffolds help learners perceive structure already in the information.



Use when your students...

Venn Diagram

The Pilgrim Life Adventure WebQuest includes a diagram comparing daily life then and now.

need to sort out similarities and differences among two or three things
Features Chart In Step 3 of the process in Let's Gogh, a completed features chart with colors and paintings could be rearranged to help learners to tease out which colors were used most and least. need to sort out similarities and differences among three or more things, especially if you want them to identify ways to clump like things together
Ideation Help A general guide to brainstorming can help learners generate ideas. Alternatively, a graphical SCAMPER template adds prompts to encourage divergent thinking. need to generate ideas or problem solutions freely and effectively while making good use of the differences in their own knowledge and history.
Inductive Tower The King Tut Murder Mystery could use an inductive tower to guide learners in building an inference from the information available. need to develop a logical argument based on a foundation of demonstrable facts.
PMI Chart Edward deBono's PMI technique can be provided as a visual template to aid clear decision making. need to make an informed decision or judgment based on data they've gathered.
Weighted Sum Chart A spreadsheet with columns for each option and rows for each important aspect of the options along with weights can be provided. A weighted sum is calculated for each option. need to make an informed decision or judgment from among several alternatives based on data they've gathered that can be quantified.