Net 3: Trim Back the URL

The next net is not Google-specific, though you'll find yourself using it often once you get better at Googling.

Often you'll find a terrific page nestled deep down inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder. You suspect that there are other pages you'd find interesting nearby. How to you find them? Trim the URL step by step.

Sometimes you'll get a notice saying FORBIDDEN! Sometimes you'll get a list of files and directories. Sometimes you'll get an web page with more links. Each step back tells you more about where the page came from.

This is also a good strategy to try when a page goes missing (that is, you get a 404 message). Perhaps someone at the site moved the page into a new folder or renamed a folder. Trace your way back to the top and drill down again to see if you can find it.


You found this Romeo & Juliet WebQuest that you really like. Are there more like that where this one came from?

Start here:

Now trim away the last part:

What do you see?

Trim it again, Sam:

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Written by Bernie Dodge. Last updated March 11, 2002

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